Who We Are

Our mission at Georgetown Free Bikes is to make Georgetown, Texas a bit nicer.

We do that by providing bicycles to people who need them.

Bicycles provide freedom, an outlet for exercise and healthy lifestyles, the ability to get to work or school, explore the outdoors, and build friendships and community with others. In order to accomplish this objective, Georgetown Free Bikes accepts donation bicycles of all types and sizes, analyzes which bicycles are good candidates for distribution, then refurbishes these to give away.

We receive our bicycles and riding gear from the generous people of Georgetown and surrounding area. Volunteers come to our shop every Tuesday from 11-8 and work on bikes to make sure they are operational and to give them away to thankful recipients. We have bikes of all sizes and riding levels. We welcome a donation of whatever the recipient can afford so we can fund our operations. We rely on Karma to motivate people to donate if they can and don’t ask for any referrals or financial information. Come and see us on Tuesday between 11 and 8 to pick out your bike. We are only open on Tuesdays at this time. We are in the workshop behind 2000 Dawn Dr Georgetown. Please don’t bother the residents, come straight back to the end of the driveway. You will see our door on the left, near the fence. If you have something to donate and Tuesday is not good for you, you can leave it at the end of the driveway, near the fence. Please don’t block the driveway, we want to be good neighbors. We accept donations of bicycles, helmets, riding gear, locks, bicycle parts, scooters, cash, CashApp, and Zelle. We are registered as a tax exempt organization and will happily provide you with a receipt if you come by on Tuesday. Volunteers are appreciated, see our volunteer page for information on volunteering.

Georgetown Free Bikes was founded in 2022 as a non-profit organization. Initially part of the non-profit Hamlet Development which supports organizations for social prosperity, Georgetown Free Bikes is now a project of the Georgetown Sertoma Club.

Georgetown Free Bikes has blossomed into an organization that is truly making our part of the world a little better place by providing in excess of 200 bicycles to area residents in 2022 and almost 600 bikes in 2023. We give bikes to people at events and every week at our shop.

Several external organizations such as PTAs, the Caring Place, CASA, Court Services, The Sertoma Club, neighborhood associations and local bike shops provide material support in addition to referring people to Georgetown Free Bikes for bicycle donations and distributions.

Refurbishing bicycles is only a small part of what Georgetown Free Bikes does. Bicycles which are not worthy of a refurbish are stripped for their parts which go into inventory to be used on future refurbishments. Only the non-usable residue makes it’s way to the recycle station providing minimal impact on the environment.